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Each and every day, we provide support to businesses and individuals throughout Germany with our excellent recruiting services. With our help, companies find exactly the people they need – and people find just the right companies.
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HR-Office specializes in active sourcing via social media.

Take particular advantage of our highly active network in the biotech and pharmaceutical environment as well as in automation, measurement and control technology.

Nicole Steffen

Nicole Steffen


I am fascinated by people, by people and their networks,  by how they evolve and  by what drives them.

For me, being professional and remaining human are not mutually exclusive, quite the contrary – those two elements go hand in hand. I like to work with people who have not lost themselves while doing their job, who still cherish their uniqueness and who appreciate it in others as well.

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Nivia Moritz

Nivia Moritz

Applicant Management

My work at HR-Office lets me put my professional and intercultural knowledge and skills to excellent use.

I always enjoy getting involved in our diverse recruiting projects and learning new things. After having lived in Germany for many years, I now work mainly in my office in São Paulo.

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Our services

Finding the right candidates faster in the future

You probably invest a considerable amount of time in approaching potential new employees. Recently, recruiting has changed a lot as a consequence of new requirements and it takes much more time and effort to find suitable candidates and commit them to your company. Shouldn’t you actually be using this time for your core business?

Use our effective support and comprehensive expertise so that you have more time for your actual work and your customers in the future


Recruitment and direct approach via social networks

Our team looks back on many years of professional experience in the field of classical recruiting and in the direct approach of potential employees. This enables us to advise you personally, identify your needs and provide you with an assessment of the applicant market promptly and in line with your specific requirements.

In addition to conventional methods, such as posting job advertisements on our own website, placing job ads on commercial job portals and individual recruiting campaigns, social media as a recruiting tool offers sustainability and continuity in acquiring new employees. Plus, this approach also gives you the opportunity to stay in contact with qualified applicants in a professional and sustainable manner – and to keep tabs on their development even before you have hired them.

Career starters or experienced specialists and managers – we ourselves feel that it is becoming more and more time-consuming to find, inspire and retain qualified employees across all industries. It therefore not only makes sense to pursue different paths in recruiting, but is also essential considering the different target groups, what appeals to them and what they expect from an employer. We would be happy to advise you on current market trends, skillsets and salary levels in your search for personnel.

We will find the right employees for your business!

Recruitment Process Outsourcing – we take care of your applicant management!

With Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), we provide an effective solution for the temporary or permanent outsourcing of your personnel recruitment process. You benefit from our full network and experience and we can take over part or even all of your recruitment process, depending on what your specific needs are.

Also on-site at your company!

For companies that need to fill numerous positions within a very short time, we also offer on-site support services at your company. Depending on whether there is a lack of time or resources needed to do the recruiting yourself, we are your qualified partner – from sourcing and screening of applicants to telephone interviews, job interviews and onboarding schemes. We would also be happy to provide services in the management of your freelancers at your location and optimize the management of your other personnel service providers.

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